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Hi! This is Edwene Gaines speaking with you from my beautiful retreat center, I call Rock Ridge Retreat Center, located in Valley Head, Alabama. I’d like to speak with you today about the topic of forgiveness which I consider vitally important in order for us to live a joyous, productive, creative, abundant life.

Some people don’t know this but forgiveness is an act of will. It’s not something that you do because it feels good because in most of my forgiveness experiences, I didn’t really want to do that! I enjoyed a lot of self righteous indignation at how other people behaved and a lot of guilt and shame about the way that I had behaved.

What I’ve come to know is that when we hold on to those little issues of judgement, condemnation, shame, guilt and bitterness, even though we may feel we have a right to them, when we hold on to them what we are doing is building a wall all the way around us, as if we are building with those big, thick concrete blocks and the good that we desire and deserve cannot get in.

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