Daily Dilly-Dally!

Feb 12, 2019 by

Daily Dilly-Dally!

In Defense of the Daily Dilly-Dally!

I love to dilly-dally.  I love to wander.  And, I, especially, love to let my mind wander.

Maybe it is because I seem addicted to “wonder.”

With seemingly great frequency, I wonder about what is around the next corner….So I wander around it to see.  Sometimes this is nothing to write a treatise about, but most times, I find that I am elated that I came around to see.

The art of the Dilly-Dally has served me, taking me so far to every state in the U.S., speaking in every one of them except West Virginia. (By the way, West Virginia, what is up with you?  I am still waiting for an invitation.)

Forgive the diversion, please.

My wandering dilly-dally experiences have drawn me to visit and enjoy learning in 44 countries, to mosey around Tibet with the guidance of a monk, to scary and profound spiritual experiences with multiple shaman in the rainforests of Ecuador and Peru, to immerse myself in the lavish luxury of an elegant spa near Florence, Italy, to deeply moving silent retreats on Blessed Island of Iona in the Hebrides off the coast of Scotland, among many other adventures.

Years ago, I remember wandering around Portugal trying to get by bus to Fatima.  I was just curious about what happened there with the reported appearance of the Divine Mother.  The best gift of the entire trip was the kindness and generous concern of all my Portuguese helpers who tried so hard to give me directions that I could comprehend. 

One sweet gentleman actually had to escort me off three different buses that I had boarded in error.  He stood with me until the right bus came, and when I boarded, he had an intense conversation with the driver pointing at me.  We had a lot of laughs together as our language difficulties, we learned, were no barrier for our care and respect for each other.

When I am dilly-dallying whether in travel, talking to folks in my local grocery store, walking through the Alabama woods, giving my mind total permission to go where it wants to go, I feel I am opening myself to blessings, miracles, ideas, and emotions that I might have missed.

My dilly-dally breaks have given me elevated inspiration, food to ponder, confidence and creativity, and a greater expansion of love for all!

Perhaps we have a model for this activity in Scripture when we are instructed to “Come ye apart awhile.” 



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  1. Denise Wirth

    What a lift to have this in our inbox today. So good to see you doing so well.Thanks for permission to “dilly dally”. We are dealing with health issues for Rob, but think of you and the amazing times we had with you and your girls! Be well, my friend, and God bless! Denise Wirth

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