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Hi! This is Edwene Gaines. I’m here to tell you a story of another thing that happened to me in Ecuador. If you heard the story of the Shaman before, this was on the same trip. We flew in on two separate little biplanes to the middle of the rainforest to live for a while with the Shuar Indians and we were instructed, before we arrived, that we were not to look into the eyes of a member of the opposite sex because that seemed to be an invitation for them to join you in the evening, in your bedroom. And so, I was very careful. I had my hat on pulled down low and my dark glasses on…


Watch the rest of the story below!


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  1. anne moses

    Dear Edwene,

    What a wonderful story! I am going to shape-shift some of my own perceptions that have not served me well.

    I love you and send you blessings for the perfect sale of Rock Ridge Retreat Center.

    Big Hug and Kiss,

    Anne Moses, Vashon, Wa

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