Stretching Into Prosperity

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Stretching Into Prosperity

So, we find ourselves doing fairly well, no huge issues, just making ends meet somehow, but we desire more. We would enjoy a few more amenities, dinners at restaurants, perhaps, or maybe a beach vacation. Some new shoes might be nice, or perhaps we would like to get a larger TV, have a party, take the kids or grandkids somewhere special.

Charles Fillmore says in his book, Prosperity: “Desire is the onward impulse of the ever-evolving soul. It builds from within outward and carries its fulfillment with it as a necessary corollary.”

In order to stretch ourselves into greater good, we first must know what it is that we want. We must take the time to “go apart awhile” and do some self-reflection to discover those things that we yearn for and, perhaps, have not even given ourselves time or faith to consider as possibilities.

If you have a goal-setting process that works for you, then use it. If not, I recommend the one I use which you may find in my book, The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abundance.


A Quick Way to Stretch Into Greater Receiving


I’ll bet you have already guessed it! Yes, it is greater GIVING!

Let’s assume that you already tithe (giving 10% of all the money you receive back to where you have received your spiritual food, in order to acknowledge that you know that God is your Source) on a regular and disciplined basis.

Let us also assume that you do your forgiveness work daily and that you are living a life of purpose and commitment to your own spiritual evolution.

Then, a simple and quick way to stretch your receiving is to stretch your giving. This can be an enjoyable pastime as you keep a journal of your stretching and record your divine surprises, unexpected income, creative ideas, and you notice with a grateful heart the kind and helpful people who show up when you need them.

For example:

  • Instead of just paying your water bill, pay 2 or 3 months ahead.
  • When you give your tithe, instead of just giving back the 10th, give 11% or more.
  • At the restaurant, give a 25% gratuity rather than just the regular 20%.
  • When repaying a loan, pay a little or a lot more than due.
  • Say “Thank you” more often.
  • Give genuine praise and compliments.
  • Tell your family and friends that you love them.
  • Take some of your unused items to the Salvation Army or Goodwill store.
  • Give to the charities of your choice.
  • Do a conscious act of kindness every day.

You get the idea.
If you can find a way, and muster up the courage, and boldly trust, you will soon discover the incredible joy of always, always giving more than is expected. You will soon find the seeming miraculous blessing of
always, always receiving more than is expected.

Together, we begin to know at the soul level, that Emerson was right when he wrote that we cannot out give God.

We begin to grasp, not only with our minds, but with our hearts as well, the truth of the adage: “As you give, you also receive.” This puts us absolutely in charge of our receiving.

Happy Giving, dear friend, and Happy Receiving!
Rev. Dr. Edwene Gaines

PO Box 125
Valley Head, AL 35989

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